Do you have a skincare routine?

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Are you new to using skin care products or looking at changing your products?
It is important to make sure you are using a cleanser in your skin care regime and ideally you want to cleanse in the morning, along with using a SPF moisturiser throughout the day to help protect your skin from the UV damage which not only can contribute to skin cancer, but is also responsible for up to 90% of how well our skin ages. 
I also advise to double cleansing in the evening, the first cleanse will remove your makeup, your sunscreen and any dirt or oil that you've collected on your skin through the day, and the second cleanse will actually penetrate into your pores and give your skin a deep cleanse. 
After your night time cleanse, I suggest using a night cream that focuses on hydrating the skin, helping to repair the barrier function and contribute to anti-aging as well.
We've created the perfect starter set to begin your journey with YourTime Skin Care with our Gentle Cleansing Milk, and 60mL Night Cream.

When starting a new range, it can be overwhelming to know what to order first. I recommend easing into a new routine with 2 simple steps, and add to it later once your skin is ready!

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